I’m absolutely committed to the truth that we all deserve to show up completely, brilliantly, and beautifully with our uniqueness in the world.
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What people say

Jon Hansen You have given words to a process that defies words. And you’re constantly in a position to help me continue to hone that, deeper and deeper and more and more resonantly, who I am and what I offer, which is truly invaluable. — Jon Hansen, The Remembering Room, Richmond, Illinois
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Jenn Whiteford Givler I love the way you take the energetic and esoteric aspects of business birthing, and tell us how we are going to bring them into the physical. People like us — we see the vision, and we know that’s our subconscious telling us that’s where we need to go. But it’s not always easy to get from the esoteric to the physical. You are BRILLIANT at that. This work is amazing, and I’m so glad we’re working together!
— Jenn Whiteford Givler, Blended Yoga, Cain Township, Pennsylvania
Daniel Stone Working together was absolutely key, and I think that’s what made it such a great experience. I felt like you were my partner in this. I felt like my success was your success. To me, someone who has that attitude and the skills to go with it — that’s an unbeatable combination! — Daniel Stone,, Washington DC, New York City, Delaware, South Carolina, and India
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Bev Dwane I have a website I’m proud of — but for me, the hugest benefit has been increased self-confidence. Because of the process we went through, and the validity that came with the process, I trust what I think and I trust myself to speak about it. I have greater confidence and clarity in my message about who I am and what I do. — Bev Dwane AICI CIP,, Durham, North Carolina
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Eric Klein If someone’s looking for a thought partner, not so much an expert to tell them what to do, but someone who can help them think more clearly and more completely so that they can take action, then I would say that you’re a good choice. If people want to work at a deeper level than simply tactics or strategy, if they want to be connected to a sense of purpose that goes beyond the cognitive, your process is really powerful. And it’s simple. Anyone can do it, and it gives immediate access to the generative, creative energies that are often untapped.
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Your business is evolving.

An introduction to my work

Sometimes that’s an experience of joyful flow.

Other times, you’re stuck in the mire.

Help is available!

It’s hard to see your business objectively. In fact, it’s damn near impossible: you’re in the middle of it looking out. You can’t ever experience your work the way your clients do.

It’s just as hard to see yourself objectively enough to see the absolute uniqueness you bring to everything you do.

So it’s normal to feel confused, uncertain, and frustrated by these challenges, even as you also feel excited, intrigued, and curious about where things are going. And there’s no shame or weirdness in needing help to see yourself and your work more clearly.

I’ve worked with clients in many different situations, helping them come into awareness of the unique value they offer and rediscover the joy of being in business — and the inspired action that arises out of clarity and focus.

These are the principles that guide my work:

You are unique.
Who you are, what you offer, how you provide your services, and how you communicate with your audience — all of this is absolutely unique to you. Together, you and I delve into this unique value of yours, the essence of who you are and what you give to everyone you encounter, so you can step out and show up with all that brilliant uniqueness.

You get to define success on your terms.
We’ll look at success from a perspective of what’s sustainable and nourishing for you, so you feel pulled forward into the future instead of pushing to “make it happen.”

You know more than you think you know.
Unconscious awareness (that sense of something stirring, trying to come into focus and into being) always precedes conscious understanding. And there are ways to speed up the creative process so it’s less frustrating and much faster.

Your autonomy belongs to you.
It’s not my job to tell you what to do. It’s my job to ask the questions that will lead you to new insights, perspectives, and clarity about yourself and your work, grounding you in the certainty of what you offer. And it’s my job — and my privilege — to be there with you as you make discoveries about yourself and come into a greater sense of unity and wholeness.

Successful self-employment is equal parts internal work and external work.
You can focus on either the internal or the external at any time, but in the end they have to align if you’re going to succeed. And that frustrating, incomprehensible feeling of hesitation, resistance, and reluctance is so fixable!

Short-term follow-up support is crucial for success.
When you’re changing old habits and working into new systems and processes, help staying on track is essential. All my services include short-term follow-up support so you’re not abandoned in mid-process.

If you’re not having fun, what’s the point?
We’re in business because we love and enjoy what we do!

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Let’s talk.

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